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Re: [IP] mom cold and uncaring <For Jan>

     This  is one of the things that drive me CRAZY, many years ago back in
1980's I was ask to talk with a Judge about DM, as a family was not give
their son insulin ....Faith in God would Cure him...... well the boy die
that day. When my own Aunt try that on me to .... my mom ...her sister had
been on insulin for 40yrs..... to this day I have not talk to here again. I
have had many talks with my pastor about this. My faith in God is one things
that keep me going. I feel that it was God's hand that caused  Banting and
Best to discover insulin to so I may live one more day .... and the people
who put together this thing we call a insulin pump, so every day I give



   ps: I will be happy to talk about this more on the spirit list

room a
> man told his diabetic friend that he was diabetic because his faith in God
> was not strong enough. When I made a derisive comment to my father about
> what the man said, my father stunned me by agreeing with the man. I don't
> think I ever completely got over that.
> It still amazes me that, even with all the news stories, scientific
> developments, etc., and even in one's own family, some people think it's
> your fault. God help THEM.
> jp
>     Wow, its hard to believe that people can think that way.  Nowhere in
> the Bible does it say that if you remain sick with anything, it is
> because your faith is weak!  The apostle Paul had health problems that
> he asked to be healed of, but God didn't do that.  Do you suppose those
> people would think his faith was weak?  Check out 2 Corinthians 12:5-10.
>     Hope I'm not getting too religious, just wanted to share a little
> ammo in case anyone is confronted with That line of thinking again!
>  Looks like we're all in pretty good company.
> Martha
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