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[IP] Re: Food Police and ...

>>> once i went low in the middle of the night, hit the call bell, and
> the nurse didn't
>  show up with juice till 15 minutes later. i realize that she was busy,
> really, nurse, do i
>  have to pass out while you bring mr. jenkins a glass of water?

Wayyyyy back in the olden days (1961) while I was spending the 5 days in the
hosp. after my dtr's birth (5 days before, too), my BG dropped in the middle
of the night. Of course, this was the *one BG a day and the nurse could not
tell you the result, dr. had to do that next day* days and I rang the nurse
for juice. She stood there bawling me out because I didn't eat my full
dinner that evening and brought this upon myself. I told her the only thing
I didn't eat was the cabbage cuz I had to pour plain vinegar over it to make
a *slaw* and couldn't hack it. She argued that I was the only one on a
special diet and it was my fault. I told her IF I had eaten that cabbage it
wouldn't have made a hill of beans difference in my BG then. I said I needed
that juice! She brought it to me, then later apologized cuz there *was*
another patient who was on a diet. They/we had NO idea about the hormonal
drop, etc. afterbirth. Well, we had no idea either of the hormonal rises
during pregnancies.

Since my BG kept dropping I asked the dr. for a pack of graham crax I could
keep in my drawer to snack on as needed. He agreed. I still had problems and
a day or two later the dietitian told me she DEDUCTED those crax from my
meal plan to compensate for the bread exchanges. That meant I didn't have
the increased amount of food. Of course, my NPH/Reg shot each day didn't

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