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[IP] Food Police

LOL  Recent posts about food police reminded me of the time I was in the 
hospital on a liquid diet.  My husband had run into a woman he knew from a 
class on the way up to my room, and brought her in to meet me just as they 
were giving me my dinner tray, one of those delightful spreads of broth and 
ginger ale and jello, as I recall.  It turned out this woman was a dietitian 
at the hospital, and having learned I was diabetic, saw fit to actually 
remove the ginger ale and jello, saying I couldn't eat that.  Her nutritional 
priorities seemed more concerned with withholding rather than nourishing 

Saturday night I attended a dinner party at the home of a dear woman I have 
been acquainted with for maybe 25 years, but not an intimate friend.  As she 
started to serve the dessert (a sort of brownie a la mode), she said to me 
that since she knew I couldn't eat that, she had made me a fruit plate.  
Well, I actually wanted that fruit plate, delicious-looking sliced cantaloupe 
and blueberries, and I do have gastro problems from fat these days, but I'm 
pretty sure that wasn't her reason <gr.>.  My neighbor wanted one, too <gr.>. 
 So I just accepted graciously.  But sitting on my other side was a nurse who 
works in an outpatient surgery setting.  I had been showing her my pump as I 
bolused for the dinner courses, and she was rather frightfully ignorant of it 
(though she said she knew another nurse who wore one, she didn't understand 
that it didn't test bg, for instance).  We had had a not very satisfactory 
conversation about wearing a pump during surgery, something she could not 
imagine (I don't think she believed me that people required a basal insulin 
level).  So I felt the need to verbalize (to the nurse, not the hostess) that 
I could have, indeed, bolused for the dessert the same way I bolused for the 
fruit or for the rest of the meal.  Oh well (sigh).  Maybe if someone else 
says it, she will be more likely to believe them <gr.>. 

Linda Z 
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