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[IP] Re: Treating Lows

how many
of you who were
 diabetic kids in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s were constantly harassed by the
food police and felt
 like you needed to fake a low to eat what you really wanted?! how many of you
(i am sure there
 must be some) encounter people who STILL think that way now, and whenever you
want some candy or
 ice cream, give you the eyebrow of skepticism and ask, "why, are you LOW?" or,
"are you SURE you
 can have that?"

 Hello 1950's & 60's and we couldn't have ANY treats. Just what was on your food
plan. I never faked a low to eat, I just went somewhere and found it. I think
that's why I've stayed away from Endocrinologists for this long. As soon as I
was grown, I limped along for years with a GP that I'd lie to about how I was
doing. I only started getting A1c's done about 3 years ago. Therefore, I have
only been pumping for 3 months. I feel like a P.O.W. who's been hiding in the
jungle for all these years never knowing the war was over! Hallelujah! Welcome
to the new millenium!
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