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[IP] My ongoing Cozmo Journey

My experience with Deltec and their distributors has also been a 
little frustrating.  I ordered my Cozmo on 12/23/02, and I still 
don't have it yet.  I have been through three distributors so far, 
and none seem able to deal with my insurance.  I will grant that my 
insurance is probably a large part of the problem, but still. 
Neither Logimedix or Daibetes Care & Education were able to get 
anywhere.  The third distributor, Keymed, told me they had everything 
line up and were going to ship my pump last Thursday.  I didn't get 
the pump yet, and my call to them on Friday wasn't returned.  My rep 
at Deltec, has treated me well, but I feel that if I and my CDE 
weren't calling him and the Distributor de'jour a few times a week, 
we wouldn't get anywhere.  I have been keeping a diary of my 
experiences since I made the decision to start pumping.  As soon as I 
have a couple hours to spare, I will put it up on my wae page.

"Never offend people with style when you can
offend them with substance." --Sam Brown
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