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[IP] Do Different Pumps Result in Diff. Results

>What I am trying to figure out is if different pumps produce better results
>for patients.  No Animas arguments please, but I am wondering if the smaller
>increments, and then the three minute basal delivery (available in other pumps
>as well) can produce better control for some people?  I have had a miserable
>time with my pump and several bad experiences.  I really want to know if
>changes in features can improve my test results or not?
>Please only send honest opinions, as I am not into starting a pump war!


I believe it can make a difference in some people.  It is a definite YMMV 
thing.  I was using a MM507 for 3-1/2 years, I loved my pump.  I decided to 
upgrade to the Animas pump almost 2 years ago because of the smaller basal 
rates that were possible.  I had been having trouble in the afternoons with 
my basals.  If I went down to .20 I would go up to over 200 by 5:00 
p.m.  However, if I went up to .30, I would be 35.  This was after many 
fasting tests.  When I went on to the Animas pump it took a while to get 
all the bugs worked out but I now do run .25 and .45 at various times 
during the day and my control has seemed to even out with less lows.  I did 
not expect that the delivery methods would make any differences in my 
control, but they also have affected my control to the positive.  At first, 
it caused me to run low because the insulin was getting in almost too 
rapidly, but after adjusting my insulin to carb ratios it has all evened 
out very well.  Now, please keep in mind this is only me and when I first 
started on the Animas the more rapid delivery of insulin caused a lot of 
problems.  It took me approximately 6 months to get it all straightened out 
with my basals and the new delivery method.

I hope this helps.

Take care.

Type 1, 26 years
Pumping 5 years 
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