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[IP] Food Police and Summer Camps

Dear Summer,
  That sounds so right! I'm sure the new summer camps are a joy to be at. It
sounds like it is very empowering for the kids and they get the latest in
diabetes treatment. One of the things that was so upsetting for me when I went
to camp was that
 I had to take a huge step back in treatment. When I arrived they made my
parents take my blood glucose meter home with them because they said it would be
stolen, so every one there had to use those inaccurate color compare strips. One
night I woke
 up knowing some thing was wrong so I asked to do a test. The counselor would
not let me because she said they could not correct for highs with out the Drs
approval and I was not sure if I was high or low I just kept saying I new
something was
 wrong! Yeah, I had my first seizure that night. Just before I lost
consciousness I heard the counselors discussing if their was a way to keep any
one from finding out about their mistake. After that they cut back my insulin so
that I was running
 400 with ketones off the scale for the rest of my stay. That crazy thing about
not being able to correct a high still applied. When I tested 400 before a meal
I would still have to go and eat with no insulin. I would beg to go to the
 and have the Dr approve a correction then, but they would say "now is the
scheduled time for eating so you have to go eat now"! And they called me a bad
diabetic because I passed out and went high! I just could not understand it
because I was used
 to figuring my own corrections all the time. Well I'm sorry this was a long
vent. I guess it was hard to get over because I felt so invalidated at the time.
I do feel a lot better knowing that the new camps are structured so much better.
I don't
 think you can ever have control over your diabetes with out having control over
your treatment plan.
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