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Re: [IP] Re: don't want faster delivery

> I have my one-word epitaph ready: Discontinued.

Since chances are that in the future, that epitaph will be all that's left
of the clicking pumps, just wanted to offer some reassurance.

As was pointed out before, most pumps with an extended bolus option can be
set to deliver the insulin slowly.  I believe most of them also allow a
bolus to be stopped while in progress.  I know both the ones I have trialed,
the Animas and the Dtron plus had that option.  I also noted that while the
noise wasn't as prominent or noticeable as the clicks, there really was a
noise associated with delivery.  Softer, yes, and maybe one that you would
have to work to hear (especially in the case of an extended bolus) but there
was a noise of some sort, so the operation wasn't silent in the truest sense
of the word.

Again, if the 508 is THE pump for you, then that is what it is.  No argument
here!  But when the time comes that it is discontinued, and there remain no
more clicking, slower delivery pumps on the market, well, your options, as
undesirable as they might be, are not totally gone.  You can still in some
sense mimic the old slow delivery design, even with a pump that isn't set up
to do it that way.

Hopefully, though, once the time comes for replacement of your current pump
comes due, the 508 will still be an option.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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