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Re: [IP] Food Police and Summer Camps

Never got a chance to go to camp.  I had finished college when I was Dx.
But, even as an adult I ran across food nazis.

I was in a hospital once (actually, I get frequent flyer miles at my local
hospital).  One night there was a buffet  dinner.  I chose an ice cream cup
for dessert and as I reached the end of the line, a nurse grabbed my ice

Well, I grabbed the ice cream and we must have played tug of war with  that
cup of ice cream for at least two minutes.

But, I did prevail and got my ice cream.  It was chocolate and  the best
I've ever had because I mad a point that  a 25 year old should have some
determination in his life about what he eats.


Who will give up his ice cream when they pry it from my cold dead

> Becky,
> Now you've got me started again.  Food police.  More
> like Food Nazis.
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