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[IP] Cozmo Pump

We ordered a Cozmo for my daughter (age 10) in mid November.  We did find that
we needed to call Deltec every 4-7 days to check on the progress of the order.
We were under the gun because our insurance changed Jan 1 and we did not want
to have to start the process over.  Thus we called regularly and did find that
they were frequently "waiting" to get some piece of information from us that
we could easily supply if we were ASKED!!!

That said, our persistence paid off and the pump order was sent to a
distributor just before Christmas and the pump was shipped Dec 30 (just in

We found that keeping in touch with our rep helped and he did push things with
the "higher ups" because of our Jan 1 deadline.  She just started on the Cozmo
last week and it is a great pump with many great features, especially for

I would suggest that you look at the pumps available and decide which one will
work best for you.  IF you decide on the Cozmo, be persistent in following up
with them.  I do think that there was a lot of pent up demand for this pump
and they have been swamped at the home office.  For us, the pump features have
made it worth the wait.

Cindy Hoehn

Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 13:54:47 -0500
From: "Sherree Liggett" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Cozmo Pump

I don't have good things to say about Deltec.
I have been trying for about 1 month just to get them to verify my
I spoke with my Insurance co. yesterday, and Deltec hasn't even called them.
What kind of Company is this?
There are other pump companies out there who would love my Insurance Co.
business I would think.

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