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[IP] Diabetes Camp/Food Police

Dear Becky,
  I had a similar experience at diabetes camp when I was 10. I know they told my
parents that diabetes camp would be educational and empowering for young
diabetic kids but for me it was just the opposite. I was never on a regimented
meal plan as a
 kid, I just ate a low glycemic diet and we bolused what we knew I would need
for a meal. Partially we chose this system because we were vegetarians and the
exchanges required a big serving of meat every day, and partially because my Dr
felt things
 should be more flexible. When I got to camp the nurse had to whip up a meal
plan for me, but she based it on a 1,000 calorie diet! At the cafeteria one of
the counselors said that could not be right so she changed it to 1200 calories,
I told my
 mom I was concerned and may be we should go back and talk to the nurse but my
mom said not to worry if it was not enough food they could always change it.
>From their on out your meal plan was law and questioning it's validity was a
sure sigh you
 were consorting with the devil. I was not very big as a ten year old but I lost
10 lbs during my two weeks at camp. When ever they would measure out the food
they would give all the other kids one serving and they would give me half. When
ever I
 would question this the counselors and even the other kids would just point at
my stupid little meal card that was always stored by your plate.
  I think the hardest part was that my parents were always threatening to send
me back again because it was supposed to be so "educational". Years later my mom
said she thought I had enjoyed it because I was smiling when I ran up to them
when they
 came to pick me up. In reality I was just really happy to go home. Until a year
ago when ever any one brought up the subject of learning carb counting I would
just start crying because I thought it was the same as that horrible starvation
 plan. I wish I had known that it would offer more flexibility instead of less,
if I had I would have started sooner.
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