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Well, you probably won't miss it. As it turn out I was wrong in my
message: it is actually a debugger used by Java programmers.

If you want to restore the file, though, you can find instructions on how
to do it at the bottom of this page


IP-Admin group

At 05:29 PM 2/8/03 -0800, you wrote:
 >I was to fast for my own good and already deleted it.
 >Oh well...
 >--- Liz Davis <email @ redacted> wrote:
 >> This is NOT a real virus. Please don't delete
 >> JDBGMGR.EXE from your
 >> computer. It is needed in order for your computer
 >> to process the Java used
 >> on many websites. This file is included in every
 >> copy of MS Windows and
 >> will not cause any trouble.
 >> Liz
 >> IP-Admin Group
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