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[IP] pregnancy and diabetes

I didn't take your message as coming down on anyone :-), believe me, as I go 
through this retinapothy right now, I soooo wish I had this pump so much 
sooner.  I think you are lucky to have a pump with a pregnancy and to be able 
to have much better control than I'm sure I did during my pregnancies, and I 
agree 100% about being the healthiest mom possible for your baby.  That's 
what got me to quit smoking, drinking and got my A1C from 13+ to 8-9 for all 
the years before I got my pump.  The message I was wanting to convey was to 
take the best care of yourself that you can and don't stress about things 
that are out of your control.  
PS:  Congrats on your pregnancy in case I forgot to say that earlier, as I 
sit here waiting for the limo to pick up my 16 year old girl and her friends 
for dinner and school dance.............
In a message dated 2/6/2003 4:07:53 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> And just to be clear! I'm not coming down on you Mama's who have written to 
> say
> you had babies b/f all the technology and everything turned out fine and 
> you
> suppose you must have good genetics! I'm not criticizing AT ALL! I'm just 
> saying
> for myself I'm trying like hell to do all I can:-) You all definitely help 
> me
> relax a lot easier about this whole process! ( I can get a little O/C at
> times:-) And allow myself to have a mini coke float from time to time--with
> proper bolus of course:-)
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