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[IP] Palm Software

All I can say is thank you Ryan! It took me all of 20 mins to decide this is
exactly what I needed. I have already cleared off my counter tops of paper,
paper, paper!
This program is so easy and I am finally happy with my palm pilot Christmas
present from a year ago (its been in a drawer). I have been on the pump since
1/28/03 and love it! The only thing that bothered me was having to carry
calculator and paper with me for meals out. Checking BS and pushing pump can
be done with no one even noticing, but adding and writing info at table felt a
little strange.
The only question I have is, the #units/#BS, the calculation I was given with
no explanation is: anything over 150-120 divide by 60. 120 being my goal. If I
use the 1unit/60, bolus' I have used the last week are 85% right on the money,
the others are a few tenths off. Is there something I'm missing in my
calculation, or should I just not worry about it. Thank you again, you've
saved my sanity!

Sally Pierce
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