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[IP] Re: treating lows

I was taught to turn off my pump and eat some carbs when I first started 
pumping.  I do not do that now unless I am really low--in the 20's.  I just 
eat some yummy peppermint balls--5 gm per ball--and go.  Well, not 
always--sometimes I still eat that whole run of soda crackers and a stick of 
butter!!!  I have eaten anything and everything to treat lows!  I know, bad 
me.  My mom never let me have anything except an orange, apple or 1/2 cup of 
oj!!  She watched me like a hawk!  Guess her vigilance paid off--I'm in 
pretty good shape considering it's been nearly 40 years

Debbie and Maggie IP
dx 3/63
pumping 3/00
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