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[IP] Re: Treating Lows

>>>>>>>When Claire was diagnosed at age 2, the diabetes nurse was quite 
 adamant that parents not give any candy to treat lows. We were supposed to give
juice. Why not candy?  Well, she said, then the kids would fake lows so that 
they could eat sweets.  This is a pretty sad state if a child has to fake a 
low to have some sweeties now and again!!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

 barbara, you're not going to believe this but that "sad state" used to be the
status quo for many
 of us diabetic kids!! back when i was diagnosed in 1992 they told me that i was
allowed to have
 one treat a MONTH, which they later upgraded to one treat every week or two.
once i went to a camp
 where they still thought the old way about food for diabetics, and we each got
an index card with
 how much we were "allowed" to eat at eat meal (2 breads, 2 meats, etc). the
deprivation was too
 much for most of us, and we were *constantly* faking lows to get the coveted
juice and crackers.
 it didn't help that the counselor was kind of a food nazi who told me that i
ate too much anyway.
 thank goodness that camp was discontinued the year after i went there, and
thank goodness my
parents didn't think that way. 
 but i am sure that this was the way things were before carb counting-- how many
of you who were
 diabetic kids in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s were constantly harassed by the
food police and felt
 like you needed to fake a low to eat what you really wanted?! how many of you
(i am sure there
 must be some) encounter people who STILL think that way now, and whenever you
want some candy or
 ice cream, give you the eyebrow of skepticism and ask, "why, are you LOW?" or,
"are you SURE you
 can have that?" this nurse you talked to was probably one of the old school,
who believed that
 diabetics' food consumption should be monitored almost as a moral principle.
but don't get me
 started on diabetes, food police, and the "morals" of food and blood sugar. i
could write a book.
becky =) (1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)
i'm over it, really i am =)       

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