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RE: [IP] re: IP neuropathy pain

Do you have pains in your legs?
I also suffer from "restless leg syndrome",

	I have neuropathy throughout my body both inside and outside and was first
diagnosed with it in my legs when I ws only 15 years old (2 yrs after first
being diagnosed w/diab.)

	My pain used to be much more severe when b.g. wasn't under great control,
before mdi and pump.

	Now I still have pain but nothing like I did before but I do have restless
leg thing.  My husband tells me sometimes I kick the heck out of him in bed
at night and he can't sleep.

	There are nights when I know I will be kicking him badly as my legs hurt so
I just sleep in another room not to keep waking him.

	Hmmmm...don't know what's worse, my kicking or my snoring....  lol....

	Kathy B.
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