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Re: [IP] Palm software (was Log books)

Thanks everyone for the great advise, I just downloaded logbook DM and 
purchased it myself.  I hope all I had to do is enter the registration 
number to bypass the trial 40 entries, is this correct?  Seems like a 
great program to me and yes it is easy to use.  Can you print out the 
results from your computer good question Liz?


liz wrote:

>>To be fair, there are several decent programs out there for the PalmOS
>>that are good.  I tried them all, and decided to write my own, Logbook
>>DM (that Chris mentioned) because none were as easy to use as I
>>wanted.  So, the strength Logbook DM has over the others is that is the
>>fastest and easiest to log.  In fact, some have found it faster to use
>>Logbook DM with their Tracker because it is still faster to manually re-
>>log into Logbook DM than use the Tracker software.
>if my word counts for anything, i downloaded the trial version of logbook
>dm, and then purchased it, because it was just about exactly what i was
>looking for.  it's easy to use, and the price was good.  the only thing i
>wish it would do (and if it does, please let me know) is to transfer the
>info back to the computer so i could print out the info for my doctors.
>i'd recommend the DM Logbook to anyone.
>liz - ottawa, and not being paid by anyone affiliated with DM Logbook.  ;)
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