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Re: [IP] Re: Treating Lows

Before pumping, my blood sugar would drop quite rapidly sometimes(as you all
may remember). When it did that and I was somewhat incoherent, the only
thing I would eat/drink was something through a straw, dunno why, that's
just how it was(I like saying it was to that, haven't had any such lows
since second week of pumping). So the juice boxes are and always will be in
my fridge for any such occasions that may occur, we also keep them in the
glove box in the cars, and I always have one in my gym bag.
Tami in Tucson
(if I am ok, but low, ill eat anything lol but I mostly stick with life
savers, I find them convenient)

> I don't know why they still teach people to use juice.

While juice isn't the perfect solution, the one benefit I find to juice is
that I can get my daughter to sip one up while still half asleep, should I
find her on the low side at night.  To get her to chew anything would
her to be completely awakened.  And, although the juice doesn't hit her
bloodstream quite as fast as the glucose tabs we also often use, if she's
sleepy or just not feeling well, she is able to drink up a juice box (15-17g
in the small size juice boxes)  MUCH faster than she can chew up 4 glucose
tabs.  This is just another one of those YMMV things . . . different strokes
. . .

Pumpmama to Katie (12)
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