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[IP] My A1C

Just had my first dr. appointment after being on my pump for two months, and
my A1C is 6.0!!! My dr. was thrilled over that number. In the nineteen years
that's I've diabetic, my numbers have never been this stable. I've have also
lost twenty pounds. Not all from two months ago when I started pumping, but
most of it. It's came off slowly, but that's the best way..............they
say anyway. Anyway, I'm now having problems keeping my bg under 130 waking up.
Usually it is around 90 low 100's, but the last four mornings its been
anywhere from 144 to 158. Does that mean I may need to change my basal for
around that time? Also, we've beem sick around here with the flu, and now the
boys have colds. So maybe that has something to do with it. Thanks.
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