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[IP] insurance

hello all.... I am so sorry for everyone that has insurance problems.  I 
feel bad, because I guess I just lucked out with my new health insurance and 
thought I would share my news.  I had a few problems getting into my new 
insurance system.  once that was worked out, my next problem was who do I 
get my pump supplies thru.  after calling a dozen different phone numbers I 
called minimed.  they were great.  they told me that they would see if they 
were my provider, if not THEY would find out where I was to go.  this was a 
week ago thursday.  they called back that afternoon and said they are my 
provider. they said my supplies would be here on monday.  great.  I 
mentioned that I would like to see about getting a new pump.  no problem 
they said.  they took the info for that and that afternoon someone called me 
back and left me a msg to call them back they had some "health questions" to 
ask me.  I called back and the rep I was to speak to would not be back in 
the office until monday afternoon.  so I left her a msg to call me when she 
gets in the office.  monday while at work I noticed mini med called.  I 
thought I would just call back after work and give them the info.  didn't 
even listen to the msg.  after work I listened to it and the msg basically 
said congrats, you have been approved for your new pump so call us so we can 
set up a delivery date.  I was floored.  my two previous pumps were such 
hassles to get.  from thursday to monday.  amazing.  this makes up for the 
diffulcutlies I had with this new health plan in the beginning.  so I am 
sitting here awaiting the delivery of my new pump still feeling bad for 
those that have such problems getting necessities like test strips.  I just 
don't understand these health insurance companies.  why can't all companies 
be the same.  thanks for listening to my story.....

Avondale, AZ diagnosed 1/10/79, pumping for 7 years.......

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