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[IP] Re: Treating Lows

> I've been reading what everyone uses for lows and it amazes me that people 
> use glucose tabs because they are so expensive and not the best tasting.  
> When I was first diagnosed almost 16 years ago, we (my mom and I) used 
> Lifesavers....

When Claire was diagnosed at age 2, the diabetes nurse was quite adamant that 
parents not give any candy to treat lows.  We were supposed to give juice.  
Why not candy?  Well, she said, then the kids would fake lows so that they 
could eat sweets.  This is a pretty sad state if a child has to fake a low to 
have some sweeties now and again!!   
      Claire's first bad low was quite a long time after diagnosis, and she 
was disoriented and refused juice.  So I then offered Skittles and after 
looking at them for quite awhile, she finally realized her good fortune, 
grabbed the entire handful and started to chew.  She never, ever faked a low 
to get candies.  And now she gets to eat lots of candy and just boluses for 
it.  Straight sugar is the easiest thing in the world to cover with insulin.  
Her insulin works very fast and matches sugar quite well.  
     I don't know why they still teach people to use juice.  Juice boxes go 
off in classrooms when sitting on shelves, they go off in glove boxes and 
don't even raise your bg quickly.  We use the dextrose candies called Rockets 
in Canada--these might be the same as your Smarties in the USA.  A small roll 
is 7.5 grams of dextrose, just the perfect amount for a mild low.  And you 
can buy huge bags of them for a couple of dollars, especially around 
Halloween.   Its just that at times Claire refuses these saying they taste 
awful (only when she is low, as all kids seem to like them).  So then I hunt 
up other things that will raise bgs quickly. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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