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[IP] glucose tablets....my tale (longish)

In a message dated 2/7/2003 4:54:40 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Mentos fruit flavored are soft and quick working as well.
This brought back a (now funny) memory of a low - this summer we had a one 
shot women's chior (right after the new chior director started) we were 
singing All Good Gifts and I was doing the recorder part on my flute - so I 
kinda had to be there - well the old BG - was misbehaving and I started 
crashing while we were warming up before the first service - I pull out my 
glucose tabs and I only have 1 - I realize that isn't gonna cut it - course I 
have to stay in the chior room (and the flute was a late addition to the 
piece - I hadn't actually played it with the chior or piano - at all)- when 
we have a couple minutes before we go in I'm desperately trying to find my 
hubby to send him to the drugstore up the street - finally get him - but it's 
service time - i'm shakey, sweating - the whole nine yards - the children's 
director looks at me - and I jokenly ask about juice for the kids - she says 
sure - so she runs to the nursery up the hall and returns with a "Juicy 
juice" which I gulp down as we are processing in.

My hubby comes into the service and I'm trying to sign language to come up 
front with the glucose during the "great entry" when (mostly kids) bring up 
the communion elements etc. He doesn't get it - there is the whole praise 
band and grand piano between us - but the piano player catches the interplay 
and during the welcome he grabs the stuff and passes it to me - it was really 
quite amusing - once i recovered.  

And anyway - what my hubby came back with - was Mentos - the walgreens wasn't 
open and he had to go to the grocery store - hence mentos.

So just a tale of woe
and by the way (may I NEVER get within 3 feet of a juicy juice again!)

Linda & Dax
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