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[IP] others with Insulin pump and Spinal Cord Stimulator.

Hi Everyone,
  I am writing to see if anyone else at there has had experience in the 
following.  It looks that for treatment of my RSD I am gonna end up trying a 
medtronic spinal cord stimulator.  The pain doc and the gastro both feel my 
digestive problems come from the narcotic pain meds which I am on for the 
Treatment of the RSD.  The pain doc in the city wanted me to try a few other 
pain meds and anti epileptics first, because of concern of infection. Due to 
the fact that Cobra may run out the end of May and the ungoing gastro problems 
the current pain guy  feels we need to put the spinal cord stim in now.   I am 
wondering if there is anyone or if there are others out there who use both an 
insulin pump and a spinal cord stimulator(yes Jerry Lewis has one).  I feel 
like i may end up being a minimed spokesmodel since I am already wearing their 
 508 pump and the spinal cord stim is made by medtronic. do you think i may get
a discount. 
           Wendy,type 1 since 1985, pump since 6/9/00, Curely Blue, minimed 
508, larry the lancer and Moe the meter. together we are the four stooges.
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