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Re: [IP] Treating Lows....

Why I spend the bucks and buy glucose tabs:

1) When I'm taking something sweet for a low - it's medicine - and needs to 
be treated as such.
2) I want to know how many carbs I am getting
3) If it did taste to good then I might have a hard time ONLY using it for 
medicinal purposes.
     Case in point - ran out of glucose when up in Idaho, on a Sunday 
afternoon, out in the boony little towns. Ended up getting sweet tarts - 
which worked well - left em in the glove box - well - found em at a later 
date when i was bored and sitting the car - ate em - didn't need em. Not 

So I buy the bottles - have one at home and now (after low problems this 
week) one at work. I always have a tube in my purse (but it ran dry on me). I 
also keep a tube of frosting in my desk in case i'm in really bad shape and 
one at home.

Linda & Dax
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