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Re: [IP] Palm software (was Log books)

>if my word counts for anything, i downloaded the trial version of logbook
>dm, and then purchased it, because it was just about exactly what i was
>looking for.  it's easy to use, and the price was good.  the only thing i
>wish it would do (and if it does, please let me know) is to transfer the
>info back to the computer so i could print out the info for my doctors.


If you have questions about anything, feel free to e-mail me personally.

But, just so people are aware, you CAN in fact export the data from Logbook
DM directly to your computer to print out.  It is NOT, however, as easy as
in commercial applications such as EZManager.  The tools required to write
"conduits", as they are called, are a bit pricy for me.  I hope to implement
a nicer system in the future.  But, look in the documentation that comes
with Logbook DM to see how you can do it now.

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