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Re: [IP] Insurance woes...

At 05:25 PM 2/7/03, you wrote:
>How do you guys get your supplies covered? Any tips on what works? I've
>written appeal letters, tried to involve HR, called, faxed.... I'm about out
>of ideas.
>I have a month or two before I need to worry because I stocked up in December
>under the last of the old plan, but eventually I will need supplies. The old
>credit card will be my last option. I really don't want to go into life long
>debt just for my daily needs, though.
>Sherry C

Sherry, try seeing if you can get a number or address for someone in their 
Medical Policy Department.  That's how I got my test strip limit upped from 
200 per month to 400 per month.

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