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[IP] Re: Treating Lows....

>>>>>>I've been reading what everyone uses for lows and it amazes me that 
use glucose tabs because they are so expensive and not the best 
<snip> So now it has been 15 years strong that I have used 
Starbursts...easy to carry, easy to chew, cheap (buy them in bulk at 
and taste good (even though now I look at them as medicine more than 
anything).   Just my suggestion...>>>>>>>>

 i too tried starburst for treating my (rare) lows, and the major problem i had
with them is that
 though they are easy to chew, more of them ends up getting stuck in my teeth
than actually getting
 swallowed. in fact, when i try to chew them quickly they actually pull on my
teeth so hard i am
afraid i'm going to lose one! i don't even eat them as regular candy.
  also, in the bottom of my backpack they tend to collect the bits of flotsam
and jetsam that
 always end up down there, and if you're in the middle of a severe low and don't
have much hand
 coordination it is very difficult to get through that wrapping with your
fingernails. at least
 with glucose tabs, you can pop the top off the tube and dump them into your
mouth if you are
 really out of it (only ever been that way once, though), and chew them or
dissolve them as you
 like. i hate 'em, and they taste bad, but they work. the wal-mart brand fruit
punch ones are
actually pretty yummy, though!

becky =) (1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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