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RE: [IP] Does anyone Not use a MM?

Hi Martha,
I use the Disetronic H-tron+.  And I LOVE IT!:-)
 However, if/when I get to upgrade/switch I am heavily leaning towards the
Animas. The CDE who got me "hooked up" and trained went to work for Animas about
a year later which makes a big statement to me about Animas! And I'd love to
officially have her back on my D. "team":-)
That's my 2 cents.

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	Subject: [IP] Does anyone Not use a MM?

	Hello I-P'ers,
	It's 2am and I couldn't sleep, (no, I'm not low, that may or may not
	keep me awake, unfortunately, after these many years) [dx'd 1957]  Just
	reading up on all the mail and got to wondering how great a percentage
	of yous guys use a MM pump and how many use anything else.  I hear so
	many of you, both good and bad talking about your MM's and just a
	handful of the other kinds.  Almost makes me wanna switch to be like all
	the other kids!  I selected my Animas after MUCH analysis of websites,
	brochures, articles, etc..  My DE suggested it was one of the easiest to
	operate,  (I think she was concerned that I was not techno savvy enough
	for a pump at my age anyway! 55!) but she didn't push any one brand
	since she is certified to train for most of them.  I was a little leary
	of a company that was so new to the market,  I'm not usually on the
	cutting edge of anything.  However, the pump comparison chart on the IP
	website helped a lot.  I haven't had any problems, but I haven't had it
	for very long either. (started pumping 10/31/02  Ironic, huh, on
	Halloween, the Day of Candy!)  So, here's hoping for a long and
	un-problematic relationship with my 3 month old friend, Anna Mae. (Yes,
	after hearing all your pump's names, I realized mine was probably
	feeling unloved.  Everything else I own has a name, my red ford is Ruby,
	my red ATV is Rojo, the green one is Verde.  So I looked her in the face
	and she told me what her name was.)  Oh, and for your and my DE's
	information, not only can I handle my pump, but I am now the proud owner
	of a PDA running the Animas EZ Manager program and I am dyno-techno-mite!!!
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