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[IP] My Paradigm, Peter

got my Paradigm pump, Peter on 6-23-02. I LOVE him!!!! I have had only 2 
"E-21" alarms....No big deal. You just reprogram yours basal, time and date. 
I'd rather do that than have my pump change my basal rates and overdose me!! 
It only happens during a battery change and if you put the battery in 
backwards. When I first got it I took out the battery and put in a slighty 
used Duracell. The pump didnt like it and said "replace battery". I love how 
this pump talks to me in full sentances.  My pump software is the origenal 
1.7. I would like to get a bach-up pump for "just in case". I wish MM would 
give us 2. I want to find a back up pump from someone who wants to get rid 
of an older model, like the 507. I have a few SS infuson sets for that 
model. If anyone want to get rid of a spare pump, let me know.... Bill in 
Az.... and Peter too!!!!

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