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Re: [IP] Treating Lows....

Here is my problem.  I also thought that Glucose Tabs were chalky and didn't
work as well as LifeSavers or Starbursts, or 3 boxes of cereal with milk
<lol>.  The problem is that any candy in the house will get eaten...by me.
When I run the slightest bit low any sembolism of restraint is thrown out
the window and the eat the fridge attitude kicks in.  I don't have the
ability to just eat one, as the saying goes.  I find that now I have trained
myself to use the glucose tabs instead, I don't think about other food and
don't eat too many because they aren't "candy".  I even think smarties, or
the big sweet tarts taste like candy so they aren't safe.   So, yes I do buy
the Watermelon tabs at 10 cents a piece but those 40 cents are cheaper then
a 2.99 bag of candy or the chipped teeth from lifesavers.  I used to only
eat lifesavers and would chew them instead of suck and have the teeth to
prove it.   Not to mention that buying bags of candy means there is candy
around and most likely I will talk myself into having a piece every once and
a while.  Since I just lost 20 pounds I want to keep it off.  :-)

Which brings me to another question, do other people have problems eating
certain items properly after using them for lows?  I can't drink a juice box
in less then one sip. I am auto-programmed now to down one in 2 seconds
flat.  So it won't be in my lunchbox when I start teaching.  :-)  I can't
suck on a LifeSaver, instead I automatically start chewing.  I once as an
experiment started sucking on a LifeSaver and sat there concentrating on
sucking on it, and after 30 seconds when I got bored and started thinking
about something else I caught myself chewing it.
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