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Re: [IP] mom cold and uncaring

> >>>As someone who used to work in the field of developmental 
> disabilities, at least the wheat and milk theory is less hurtful than 
> blaming the mother for being cold and uncaring. I'm glad that theory 
> finally got tossed. Chris>>>

"jhughey" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>hmmmmmmm - that IS my theory for my IDDM.
>There is no other T-1 in my family. My stepfather had boils and when I was 
>three (he held me) I had a boil on my left thumb web (recall it well). 
> From that time on for the next 8 years I had boils, sties, and 
>carbuncles. They hurt extremely bad - don't think Mom ever had one so she 
>had no idea my suffering was so real. I was treated with only Watkins 
>Petro Carbo salve and Band-Aids. I fell of my desk seat due to a carbuncle 
>on my rearend and couldn't sit on it (very embarassing). I had 5 boils on 
>one leg at one time and could hardly walk. I still have pock marks on my 
>legs. NO doctor visits, no nothing other than the salve and tapes. They 
>DID take the dog to the doctor for not feeling well.

Hmmmmm, there are no other Type 1s in my family except my sister and 
myself.  My mother, however, was a "super-mom" long before the term was 
ever coined.  She took my sister to doctors over and over and just got the 
reply that since my sister was the baby of the family she was quite spoiled 
and there was really nothing wrong with her.  Then when my sister was 
admitted to the hospital on death's door, they finally diagnosed the 
diabetes.  This was back in 1961 and since there was no other diabetes in 
the family no one ever suspected that's what was wrong with her.  I was 
diagnosed so early before I hardly began showing any symptoms since mom 
kept such a close eye on the rest of us kids (she had 6 of us) and if any 
of us got sick, the first thing she did was hand us a paper cup to pee 
in.  That's how my diabetes was found.  A quick trip to the doctor the next 
day and it was confirmed.  Btw, she diligently searched for a doctor after 
my sister was diagnosed and found one that specialized in diabetes 
care.  So, even families with super-moms can have children diagnosed with 
diabetes and no apparent genetic link.

dxd 1963
pumping 2000
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