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[IP] mom cold and uncaring

>>>As someone who used to work in the field of developmental disabilities,
least the wheat and milk theory is less hurtful than blaming the mother for
being cold and uncaring.   I'm glad that theory finally got tossed. Chris>>>

hmmmmmmm - that IS my theory for my IDDM.

There is no other T-1 in my family. My stepfather had boils and when I was
three (he held me) I had a boil on my left thumb web (recall it well). From
that time on for the next 8 years I had boils, sties, and carbuncles. They
hurt extremely bad - don't think Mom ever had one so she had no idea my
suffering was so real. I was treated with only Watkins Petro Carbo salve and
Band-Aids. I fell of my desk seat due to a carbuncle on my rearend and
couldn't sit on it (very embarassing). I had 5 boils on one leg at one time
and could hardly walk. I still have pock marks on my legs. NO doctor visits,
no nothing other than the salve and tapes. They DID take the dog to the
doctor for not feeling well.

My stepfather had numerous dr calls and house calls for himself. Mom felt if
you run to the dr you are babying yourself and didn't want to make a baby
out of me (same way for praise - didn't want to give me the bighead). Three
days before I slipped into the coma they took me to a doctor. It was almost
too late. Then I was hospitalized for 15 days.

A long-term infection can permanently damage a major organ. Guess it was my
pancreas that got the privilege. I suppose that's better than my heart, or
liver, or lungs. I believe if I were treated with penicillin when I was
little it would have cleared up the infections and I'd be just as healthy as
the rest of my family - maybe that's why I've lasted so long with such poor
control from the start.

Father was 88 this week and mother will be 87 in a couple of weeks. I'm from
a line of long livers. ;-)

We can't change the past, but these last 52+ years have suuuuuuuuuuure been
expensive and disturbing for something that perhaps could have been avoided.

Glad we got to meet in cyberspace, though - I have made some reallllly good
friends from the 'net due to IDDM. (~_^)

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