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Re: [IP] High blood sugar linked to lost memory

Well as usual it's YMMV, but in fact there have been no scientific 
studies that have shown any mental problem with nutrasweet.  It is 
hardly very proper to subjectively test oneself without any objective 
measure of short term memory, and then conclude with one's own 
preconceived bias.  You are surely welcome to believe what you do and 
eat what your want, but please don't foist your beliefs on everyone, 
or at least claim that they are scientifically proven.
   I for one, have been consuming gallons of soda with nutrasweet for 
years, and look how smart i am!   :-)  And because I'm not sure if 
even I could tolerate being any smarter (not to mention my wife and 
kids),  I plan to keep drinking that stuff as much as possible.

<<<<<<<<<	From: Ryan Bruner <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] High blood sugar linked to lost memory
Something about this study that seems to ignore is that, perhaps, it
isn't the high blood sugar that causes the lost memory, but the way
certain people treat diabetes.
	For example, Nutrasweet has been documented (unlike many of the other
negative scare claims) to affect short-term memory.  I, for one, have
personally verified this by dramatic reducing nutrasweet intake, see my
memory improve, and then return to consuming more nutrasweet and see my
memory get worse.>>>>>>>>>>>>
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