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Re: [IP] Palm software (was Log books)

>do you use a specific program to store your readings on your 
>Palm Pilot?  I just got one and was wondering because I too want to 
>use it to store all my info.  Thanks in advance


To be fair, there are several decent programs out there for the PalmOS 
that are good.  I tried them all, and decided to write my own, Logbook 
DM (that Chris mentioned) because none were as easy to use as I 
wanted.  So, the strength Logbook DM has over the others is that is the 
fastest and easiest to log.  In fact, some have found it faster to use 
Logbook DM with their Tracker because it is still faster to manually re-
log into Logbook DM than use the Tracker software.

However, speed of logging and calculating boluses, etc, might not be 
everything you consider important.  The EZManager from Animas is nice 
because it integrates nicely with their desktop software for more 
detailed analysis.  It is also the most expensive and not really the 
easiest to use, but pretty nice.

Diabetes Pilot is another popular one.  Also, there is the Diabetes 
Management System (aka Bloodworks, depending on where you look) which 
is fairly comprehensive, though, to me, a bit slow to enter data.

Of course, there is the Freestyle Tracker.  But, you are limited to the 
Handspring, which has pretty bad reliability problems if you use it a 
lot according to several third-party comparisons, which is why I 
decided against it (a co-worker had to replace his twice in a year, and 
ended up getting a Sony Clie instead).  Their software is decent, 
though still not ideal to my mind.

There are several more basic apps out there as well, including a couple 
of free ones...though they offer little more than an electronic version 
of a paper logbook.

If you do a search on www.palmgear.com for "diabetes" you will see most 
of them.  I think they all offer a free trial, including my Logbook 
DM...so, while my biased opinion is that Logbook DM is the best all-
around app ;-), you should try them all and see what you like best.

Ryan Bruner
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