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[IP] Treating Lows....

I've been reading what everyone uses for lows and it amazes me that people 
use glucose tabs because they are so expensive and not the best tasting.  
When I was first diagnosed almost 16 years ago, we (my mom and I) used 
Lifesavers....but because they are so hard to chew, we switched to 
Starburst.  So now it has been 15 years strong that I have used 
Starbursts...easy to carry, easy to chew, cheap (buy them in bulk at Sam's!) 
and taste good (even though now I look at them as medicine more than 
anything).  They are about 4g of carbs each, which bring up my blood sugar 
15 points with each and fairly quickly also.  Just my suggestion...I was 
waiting to hear someone else mention this on IP(I tend to stay in the 
background and just read!), but never did, so I thought I would give my two 
cents worth on this subject.  Oh, I also like Mike and Ike's...and so I buy 
a big ol' box of them every once and a while and keep them in a zip lock bag 
in my nightstand for lows when sleeping.  Each Mike and Ike is 2g of carbs 
and also bring up your blood sugar pretty quickly.

diagnosed 4/87, pumping since 4/02

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