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Re: [IP] Does anyone Not use a MM?

At 02:29 AM 2/7/2003 -0600, Martha Saliger <email @ redacted>  wrote:
>Hello I-P'ers,
>Just reading up on all the mail and got to wondering how great a
>percentage of yous guys use a MM pump and how many use anything else.
> I hear so many of you,

 Approximately 24% of the list uses a different brand. The statistics are
located here:


 But these figures only include Disetronic and Animas users. I wonder if our
Deltec, DANA
 and Nipro Pumpers have completed the Survey or have Updated their entry? Come
 Pumpers, these statistics are very useful for showing others the benefits of
pumping! Fill
 out the Survey form to help others! (all personal data is held strictly


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