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Re: [IP] Pregnancy and Beyond ...Wheat Protein Pinpointed in Pioneering

As someone who used to work in the field of developmental disabilities, at
least the wheat and milk theory is less hurtful than blaming the mother for
being cold and uncaring.  God, I'm glad that theory finally got tossed.


> RoseLea said:
> > So now we can add wheat to the list of cow's milk,
> > too much iron and the
> > myriad of other "causes" of Type 1 in children that
> > have never been proven.
> This is definitely fad-du-jour.  The latest over in
> the Autism world is the same thing - take away wheat &
> milk and your autistic child is suddenly "cured".
> (BTW, we've decided to forego this diet in our child
> that is on the autism spectrum.)
> My apologies for the sarcasm - I've been at this for
> hmmm nearly 31 years and am tired of the latest and
> greatest speculations as to the causes of diabetes.  I
> remember one study that hypothesized that children
> whose hands would not lay flat on a table meant they
> were probably diabetic.  Huh????
> -gail in denver
> Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.
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