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Re: [IP] Can anyone help me?

Sounds similar to the Norwalk virus.

A google search will bring lots of info.


At 10:22 AM 2/7/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>At 08:21 AM 2/7/03, Liz wrote:
>>Yup, I just got over that.  It was weird.  No fever or other problem, but
>>my stomach just could not tolerate food.  I made sure to drink enough
>>Gatorade to stay hydrated (bolusing for it, of course) and my blood sugars
>>were OK.  I just felt miserable for about three or four days.
>My daughter, who is non-D, just got over this too.  Lasted for about 4 
>days for her.  And, even after 4 days, she still was a little shy of 
>100%.  If it continues after that time, however, perhaps you should 
>contact your doctor and be checked for gastro.
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