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Re: [IP] High blood sugar linked to lost memory

At 08:21 AM 2/7/03, you wrote:
>I didn't think that diabetes could have contributed to my bad memory, but
>after reading some of the messages posted, I think I may be experiencing
>the same problem.  I talk to my friends that remember most of their
>childhood, however I only remember certain experiences (usually traumatic
>ones).  I actually had a friend ask me about something that happened last
>year, and I had such a hard time remembering.  I've been diabetic since I
>was almost 2 and am now 19, with approx. 17 years of terrible bloodsugars
>in between.  Maybe it is diabetes, maybe not.

I'm not sure how much any person remembers.  While I have a horrible 
memory, I remember a story that was read in class by the teacher when I was 
in kindergarten.  I remember having to draw a picture relating to the 
story, I can even somewhat remember what my picture was (the story was 
about an elephant and I drew a picture of the elephant).  I also remember a 
lot of vacations that my family took:  camping in northern Michigan and my 
first experience with chipmunks on that trip, roasting hot dogs over the 
fireplace in the cabin... and these memories go on.  I just think that we 
have so many experiences in our lives that it is virtually impossible for 
everyone to remember all of them and perhaps we remember the ones that 
impact us the most, i.e. the traumatic ones and perhaps the most wonderful 
ones.  And today, I can't even remember what I did yesterday.  ;o)  YMMV.

dxd 1963
pumping 2000
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