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Re: [IP] High blood sugar linked to lost memory

Something about this study that seems to ignore is that, perhaps, it 
isn't the high blood sugar that causes the lost memory, but the way 
certain people treat diabetes.

For example, Nutrasweet has been documented (unlike many of the other 
negative scare claims) to affect short-term memory.  I, for one, have 
personally verified this by dramatic reducing nutrasweet intake, see my 
memory improve, and then return to consuming more nutrasweet and see my 
memory get worse.

Who is more likely to consume diet drinks, etc., with Nutrasweet?  
Diabetics!  Who is more likely to have higher blood sugars?  Diabetics!

I'm not suggestion that Nutrasweet IS the cause here (as that would 
take studies of itself)...only that it might not be diabetes that is 
the cause itself (or rather, high blood sugar as a result of diabetes), 
but that some other factor is that is common for those with 
diabetes/high blood sugar.
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