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[IP] re: IP neuropathy pain

"I was wondering if any of you out there that suffer from lovely neuropathy
could share what you may take..."

Sheree, I have neuropathy damage in my intestinal wall (feel pain in my left
lower abdominal area).  Have an excellent pain doc in Boston.  Have tried
everything - tegretol, desiprimine, neurotin - nothing helps really and the
last two meds gave me unbearable side effects.  I have been using a narcotic -
fentynal patch - for the last few years.  It got me off the couch and gave me
back quality of life.  I still have 3-5 episodes of pain break through daily
and use Actiq (lollipop form of fentynal for pain which helps tremendously.)
I also have neuropathy in my hands and feet (right now non-symptomatic
although I've had 5 operations of my hands and wrists) and a neurogenic
bladder  (use catheters to void). as well as nerve damage in my intestines
(autnomic neuropathy and in my stomach, gastroparesis) So in general the
nervous system in my body has been severely affected by my 27 years of
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