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[IP] College Students

On Fri, 7 Feb 2003 Rodney Mead <email @ redacted> wrote:

 > Great Idea!! I would love to setup chats for this group. If someone would
like to be a host for the
 > chat....I'm a bit ..old and out of college... to know what is happening in
college today.
>what special kind of speakers ..if any the group would like to have?
>  Seems that there are a lot of College students on this list...is 
> there a
way of
 setting up some sort of chat or somthing of the sort? It would be helpful to
talk to other college students
 >about dealing with diabetes, the pump and college life. College is hard enough
without the diabetes.

 Rodney: I happen to be personally related to the first pumping college student.

 The 'cutest' thing about pumping in the 'really old days' was the reaction of
the medical staff at college infirmary: they gave me a 24/7 medical emergency
parking sticker for my brother's car (so I wouldn't have to walk to class and
have the insulin freeze in the pump or line) and passed me around to everyone in
the infirmery every time I came in as the 'wonder' child (I had been blind from
retinopathy when I 'completed' my previous semester)


 [Anyone who wants to kvetch about the size of the pump please email me

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