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RE: [IP] Travel with the Pump

Reply from Mike Kurtis (email @ redacted)

ADA has a book on Traveling. Go onto ADA's web site and you will findthe
book. If your a member, there's a discount. Also "Pumping Insulin", the
best pump book i've found has good info too. 
One thing to remember, get added prescriptions from your endo. Even though
you can't use them abroad or in other states, it might be requested at
customs (along with Pharmacy label for the insulin, atc)but more important
it will come in handy if you have to go to a hospital or clinic in letting
them know what you need. In the book "Traveling" from ADA, they offer phone
numbers in numerous countries, and the fact that there is a difference in
strength (parts/)abroad. Always carry supplies on you personally, and in a
2nd location. If one gets stolen or lost, you will have a reserve.

Have a good time.
Original Message:
From:  email @ redacted (Frank Bevelacqua)
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 05:52:45 -0500 (EST)
To: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Travel with the Pump

I love to travel,new  on the pump(1-08-03)
Any advice on traveling in the USA and Europe. Thanks.

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