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Re: [IP] sof-set vs. ultraflex??

>  do you think of that? what kind of problems do you experience? if you've
> both ultraflex and
>  sofset, do you think one is better than the other? do you think i should
> sof-sets? i'd love to
> hear your thoughts on both.

I have used both and much prefer the ultraflex.  Sofsets, for one thing,
have their disconnect a few inches from the site, so you have a tail of
tubing.  Especially if you ever wear panyhose or something tight like that,
the disconnection spot can dig into the skin and hurt.  I used to always be
sure the tail rested over the tape so it didn't bother me.

Also, I found I was very much enslaved to the Sof-serter.  Any time I tried
to insert without it, it would snag when the cannula hit the skin, which is
a no-no.  But inserting it without snagging was impossible.  (This may,
however relate to my tape method.  The tape that comes with the Sofsets
irritated my skin, so I had to sandwich it with some Polyskin tape
underneath, inserting through that, and taping over it with their tape.  It
could be that it snagged due to the thicker tape in the way.)

Oh, the tape is another thing; it isn't attached.  You have to tape it down
with separate tape.

With the ultraflex, I didn't have any such difficulties.  I also much prefer
the smaller tape area and the different style of tape.

It could be that you wouldn't have trouble inserting by hand.  Lots of
people do with no problems.  But the tail of tubing as opposed to the
disconnect area at the site is a drawback, and the larger tape that is
applied as a separate step is another.  The tape also covers a lot more

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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