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[IP] Dex4 Watermelon Tabs

> Here in Canada our choice of glucose/dextrose tablets is extremely
> BD makes a nice one, we have been given sample packages of 3 tabs.
> they are extremely expensive to buy.  I think it is 6 tabs for $2!!!   I
> looked everywhere and haven't found any of those nice flavoured ones.  Any
> Canadians reading this know of a source?

I buy my Dex4 in sets of several jars through http://www.diabeticexpress.com
.  I checked and they do ship to Canada.  They sell the Watermelon and that
is the only flavor I can tolerate.  :-)  Do a search for "Dex" on the
website.  I have done a lot of research looking for the best price and for
the Watermelon they were the best deal I could find  ($4.99US for 50 and
shipping isn't bad).  I have yet to find a retail store that sells the
Watermelon flavor.  All I can find are Grape or Orange and I don't like
those flavors.

Good Luck!
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