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Re: [IP] Paradigm (Bateries and Good reviews)

As someone who has seemed to have extensive problems with their paradigm, I
just want to clarify that I really DO like my pump, when it's working, it's
just the problems which are frustrating.  As of yet I've had zero problems
with MM, and to be quite honest they seem to have one of the best CS
departments I've ever had to deal with on a continual basis (for comparison,
try MCI! Yikes!).

I love my pump, and I would recommend it to others, as you said, it is
"friendlier" than prior MM models, I like the way it looks, the way it works
(when it's working!), and to be honest, aside from offering basal
inreases/decreases in percentages instead of a fixed amount (which would be
extensively useful for those of us with varied basal rates throughout the
day), I can really find no fault with the overall pump design.

I'd rather stick with my Paradigm and it's problems than go back to MDI,
there's no question there!!  I'm not even sure I'd go back to the 508 if I
could after having used the Paradigm for so long.  Yes, it seems to have
problems for me, but I like the interface so much better that I feel
switching to the 508 (or even other pumps) would be taking a HUGE step back
from the Paradigm, at least as far as ease of use goes.


> I know that there are people that have not had positive experiences with
> and I feel bad for them (since we are talking about a very expensive
> that keeps you alive), but I feel the responsibility to share my good
> experience too.

> Long story short, maybe those of us "happy Paradigm users" should be more
> pro-active on letting everyone know how much we like our pumps and how we
> have had no issues with it, so the wrong "perception" is not created out
> there and people are able to make educated decisions on a larger sample of
> information and enjoy the benefits of pumps like the Paradigm.
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