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[IP] Syrup--glycemic index

> You might try getting some DEX4 tabs. They come 
> under that brand name and are private labeled for almost all the 
> large chains. 50 to a big jug, 10 to a small plastic cylinder for 
> about 5 bucks and 2 bucks respectively in lemon, orange, grape, 
> rasberry, watermelon and a few other flavors. They are actually 
> pretty tasty compared to the "chalk blocks" that other vendors sell.
> I'm not 100% sure, but I think plain old soda crackers are faster 
> than complex sugars. Saliva converts starch to glucose very rapidly.

Thanks Michael, maybe I should see if she will try soda crackers next time.  
Here in Canada our choice of glucose/dextrose tablets is extremely limited.  
BD makes a nice one, we have been given sample packages of 3 tabs.  However, 
they are extremely expensive to buy.  I think it is 6 tabs for $2!!!   I have 
looked everywhere and haven't found any of those nice flavoured ones.  Any 
Canadians reading this know of a source?  Please do not read this as a 
request to have any sent to us by any of you lovely Americans.  Thanks to 
Kathy B. in Florida, Claire has enjoyed the jar of watermelon flavour she 
sent last fall.  I think that Skittles candies work quite well and Claire 
always like to eat these.  They are a little hard and chewy for some lows, 
but are never refused!!!   Had a diabetes nurse tell me once that Skittles 
were every child's favourite candy.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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