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Re: [IP] skiing with a D-Tron, suggestions welcome

My 14 year old son went snowboarding all day today. He lowered his basals
from 0.7 to 0.2 and ate at least 30 gr. of carbs every few hours.  He kept
his BS around 140 to 150.  He had no trouble with the pump and keeping it
warm, he just clipped it to his waist band and kept tubing inside of his
pants, he wore ski bibs.(it was 10 degrees out). He did keep his one-touch
ultra in his school bag down in the ski lodge, and came in to test every now
and then. I knew he would never test on the go.  He always carrys sugar
tables with him at all times and if he feels low treats it and than comes in
later to test.

Bonnie, Mom to Keith
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