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Re: Re: [IP] Paradigm (Batteries and Good reviews

I have had my Paradigm for 10 months now, running s/w version 1.7. Have not 
experienced any of the dreaded "E21" messages, only NO POWER once when I 
dropped it. Replaced the batttery and all was well. A1c's have dropped from 
over 10 to an average of 6.2.
I am still following the instructions rec'd during my pump training, and 
replace the reservoir and quick-set at the same time (every 3-4 days). Since 
my TDD is between 25 and 35, I fill the reservoir with about 100 units and 
replace when near 0. I also like the quick-set disconnect feature (although 
it took a few tries until I got the hang of it).

The few times I have called with questions, MM has been really helpful.

Batteries last me about 3 weeks, using the backlight occasionally and the 
remote not at all.

I am definitely a happy pumper!

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